An infinite playlist of ad-free music, artists and albums you love.
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doubleTwist with Magic Radio is available for most devices running Android 2.3 and up. US only.
Watch how Magic Radio makes it easy to create personalized stations for any mood, genre, playlist, artist and more – it’s a breeze.
Getting Started is easy:
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*Magic Radio is currently US only. 7-day trial is completely free. After trial ends, your Google Wallet account is automatically billed $24.99/year.

Tired of listening to the same old songs from your music library?

With Magic Radio, the music never stops. Magic Radio seamlessly blends music from your iTunes library with new music uniquely tailored to your musical taste from a catalog of over 13 million songs. Make your playlists infinite, find a station for every mood or genre, and discover great new artists. Plus, there are no ads, just music you love!

Questions? We have answers:
What makes Magic Radio better than Pandora?
  1. It's bigger - much, much bigger: Magic Radio is powered by a repertoire of more than twelve times the number of songs in Pandora's music library. This means you can enjoy more eclectic artists and encounter far less repetition.
  2. No ads: Magic Radio covers the streaming costs and music royalties using an affordable yearly subscription, without intrusive banners or voice ads.
  3. It's tunable: With Magic Radio, you can modify a station on the fly by changing its tempo or the familiarity of the songs.
  4. It's personal: Magic Radio looks at the songs you have in your music library and uses them to tailor stations to your taste. It's like a personal DJ.
  5. It's smart: With Magic Radio you can create stations based on words such as "Woodstock", "Coachella" or "Brazilian music". It's magic!
Do I need to use doubleTwist to sync music to my phone in order to use Magic Radio?

You do not need to sync music to your phone to use Magic Radio. However, when you sync your favorite music you make Magic Radio smarter as it learns your musical taste.

Of course, you can always use doubleTwist to sync music later if you want to. That's cool!